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Airmax EcoSeries Fountain
  • Easy to Install, No Tools Required
  • Asynchronous Water Cooled Motor, Silicon Carbide (SiC) Shaft Bearing and Ceramic Shaft
  • Energy Efficient, Fully Sealed Motor. 5.6A, 670W @ 120V
  • Stainless Steel Suction Screen & Body
  • Engineering Grade Plastic Discharge & Nozzle Parts
  • Operates in as Little as 24” of Water Depth
  • Includes 3 Spray Patterns, Classic, Trumpet and Crown & Trumpet
  • Comes standard with 100'
  • Included Control Panel for Fountain & Optional Light Kits
  • Provides aeration for ponds up to 1/4 acre, 6' deep. Larger ponds will require the addition of diffused air or multiple fountains

Airmax EcoSeries Fountain

Airmax LED Fountain Light Set

The Airmax® LED Light Set offers unique, nighttime displays for your pond. The energy-efficient, high-output 120 volt design uses less than 40 watts of power. The LED Light Sets have a fully sealed light housing to ensure a maintenance-free operation. Lights easily clip onto the EcoSeries™ float making for a fast installation with no tools required. All light sets come standard with 100′ power cord and strain relief. All LED Light Sets also include an underwater disconnect and stainless steel braiding between light fixtures and power leads to protect the power cord.

Airmax LED Fountain Light Set

Airmax PondSeries  PS20 Aeration Systems
(on the cabinet)

Our most popular aeration systems, the PondSeries Aeration Systems are powerful enough to aerate ponds up to 4 acres and can be adapted to fit uniquely shaped ponds for maximum aeration. Diverse PondSeries systems make aeration a breeze. Our single plate PS10 system is excellent for smaller or regularly shaped ponds while the 4 plate PS40 tackles larger water bodies up to 4 acres, or ponds with an irregular shape that require precision plate placement for even circulation.

Airmax® Composite Cabinet
  • Protects the SilentAir Compressor from outdoor elements.
  • An integrated cooling system keeps the interior components clean, cool and dry.
  • Removable top ensures quick and easy access for inspection and maintenance.
  • Comes complete with a pre-wired electrical box and 6 foot power cord.
  • 2-year warranty on electrical components.
SilentAir Series Aeration Compressor
  • The heart and soul of each Shallow Water Series Aeration System.
  • Whisper-quiet and costing as little as a month in electricity running 24/7.
  • Equipped with Quick Disconnects for easy system removal and storage.
ProAir 4 Weighted Diffuser
  • Designed for maximum oxygen uptake.
  • Incorporates high-efficiency low-maintenance membrane sticks.
  • Integrated check valve to prevent back pressure on the compressor.
  • The innovative sled design keeps the ProAir 4 submerged while maintaining an upright position during installation.
EasySet Airline
  • A thick wall and lead-free construction.
  • Resistant to rips and tears.
  • The 3/8¯ & 5/8¯ Weighted Airline is designed to stay submerged underwater and out of sight and is guaranteed not to float.
  • The 5/8¯ Direct Burial Airline is designed for underground use because of its resistance to crushing and deforming.
Product Dimension
  • Cabinet Size: 23¯L x 17¯W x 15¯H
  • Diffuser Size: 19¯L x 19¯W x 5¯H
  • 5 - 7 Day Lead Time

    Airmax PondSeries PS20 Aeration Systems

    Item Max/Running Amps Volts HP Tubing Diffusers Pond Size (up-to) Depth (up-to)
    2 acres
    12' - 21'
    Pond Logic Replacement Parts for KA40 Aeration System

    Pond Logic Replacement Parts for Aeration System

    Pond Logic Replacement Parts for KA40 Aeration System

    Airmax Aeration System Replacement Parts

    Airmax Aeration System Replacement Parts

    Airmax Aeration System Replacement Parts

    Airmax Connector Kit
    • Contains Fitting & 2 Stainless Hose Clamps
    • Must Have For Aeration Installation
    • Fits Both Weighted & Direct Burial Airline

    A must-have when running multiple spans or aeration airline, Airmax® EasySet Airline Connector Kits come complete with everything you need to join 3/8" or 5/8" airlines together. Every EasySet Airline Connector Kit includes the fitting of your choice and two-1" stainless hose clamps to hold your airline in place.

    Airmax Connector Kit

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