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Little Giant is your destination for pumps for water gardens, pool, pond, aquarium, and fountains. Since 1941 Little Giant has provided the finest quality and innovative products available in the world. Offering a complete, durable and long-lasting product line ranging from pumps to pond lights, pond filters, skimmers and maintenance products for the most advanced DIYers and professionals.


Little Giant skimmers are engineered to encourage balanced ecosystems in new or existing ponds. These durable skimmers improve surface cleaning with an easy flow-through design that both simplifies installation and minimizes maintenance. They feature a heavy-duty, corrugated skimmer design with a built-in anti-floatation lip. The removable inlet screen prevents aquatic life such as fish and frogs from entering the skimmer unit. The easy-to-clean brushes aid in catching debris and eliminating clogging. 

  • Inlet screen prevents aquatic life from entering unit
  • Heavy-duty net catches large debris and easy-to-clean brushes help break up debris
  • Sturdy, easy-to-remove lid 
Little Giant Skimmer

Little Giant Skimmer

  Icons SKU Pond Size Weir Size Max Flow Rate Dimensions
up to 2,500 gallons
2,500 gph
23.25"H x 21.7"W x 17.2"D

The Solar panel will power up to 6 LED Egglites with an automatic on/off feature. Lights can be placed in or out of water. Set includes solar panel with garden stake, 2 white mini LED Egglites, 10-foot extension cord and 3-way adapter.

  • 20 hours run time on full charge (2 lights)
  • Powers up to 6 LED Egglites
  • Automatically turns lights on/off
  • Garden Stake included for easy positioning
  • Can be used with Calpump LED Mini Egglites.
Little Giant Solar LED Lighting

Little Giant Solar LED Lighting

  Icons SKU
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