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Let Pond Boss help you be in charge of your water feature. Specializing in premium quality water gardening products to create, maintain, and enhance your pond, fountain, or waterfall feature (and you get all the credit).

The Pond Boss Landscape and Fountain Light is the perfect accent in or around your fountain. Equipped with a UL listed transformer, it is energy efficient and convenient with its automatic dusk-to-dawn sensor for a no-hassle experience. The single LED light has a low voltage of 0.5 watts so it stays cool. The light is designed with a weighted and pivoting base so you can easily position it in your water feature. This light comes with 4 colored lenses and looks elegant in water but is also easily hidden in landscape for a beautiful lighting effect. Safe for fish and plants.
  • For use IN and OUT of water
  • Single low voltage LED light stays cool
  • Energy efficient
  • Weighted and pivoting base
  • Automatic dusk to dawn sensor
  • Includes 4 interchangeable color lenses
  • 16 ft. cord length from transformer to light
  • 0.5 watt
  • UL listed transformer
Pond Boss 10 watt equivalent Pond & Landscape LED light

Pond Boss 10 watt equivalent Pond & Landscape LED light

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The Pond Boss PRO Algaecide/Bactericide is formulated to prevent algae from building up in your water feature. This product is designed to be applied in lakes, ponds, impounded waters, wastewater lagoons, reservoirs, livestock watering systems, potable water supplies, sedimentation basins. Additionally, this water treatment can be properly used in irrigation conveyance systems, irrigation reservoirs, irrigation canals, irrigation ditches, feedlot run-off lagoons, animal waste or confinement pits, and organic sludge pits.
  • 2.5 gallons treats up to 7.5 acre-feet of water (2.4 million gallons)
  • Not safe for fish, plants, and other lake inhabitants
  • Self Dispersing, all other competitors products have to be dispersed
Pond Boss Algaecide/Bactericide

Pond Boss Algaecide/Bactericide

  SKU Treats (Up To)
1 million gallons of water

The Block by pond boss PRO is a blend of live bacteria and enzymes specifically designed to improve water quality by reducing unwanted nutrients. Decaying nutrients such as leaves, grass clipping, dead plants, excess food and other organic material build at the bottom of the pond in what is commonly called the "sludge" layer of the pond. The sludge layer is most often responsible for undesirable odors and low oxygen levels. Regular use of pond boss PRO The Block will degrade unwanted organic debris accumulation and improve the overall health of the pond while clearing the water column of unwanted organic material.

Pond Boss The Block Bio-Maintenance

Pond Boss The Block Bio-Maintenance

  SKU Treats (up to)
1 acre-foot of water (320,000 gallons)
5 acre-feet of water (1.6 million gallons)

The Pond Boss Pressurized Pond Filter is ideal for use in ponds up to 900 gallons. This conveniently designed filter is easy to assemble. The pressurized filter combines mechanical and biological filtration by helping water move quickly through the filter so debris doesnít settle in your pond. BioBalls are utilized to provide a larger surface area to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria while dual filtration pads catch large and small debris. The result, a clean pond with improved water quality that is safe for fish and plants to thrive.

  • Combines mechanical and biological filtration to clean your pond
  • Promotes growth of beneficial bacteria
  • Fits pumps (pumps not included): PP225, PP350, PP575, PP800, or PP1000UV
  • Fits 3/4 and 1 in. ID tubing (tubing not included)

Not recommended for use with external or submersible direct-drive (motor driven) pumps.

Pond Boss Pressurized Pond Filter

Pond Boss Pressurized Pond Filter

  Icons SKU Pond Up To UV Max Flowrate
900 Gal
800 GPH
1200 Gal
9 watt
800 GPH

The Pond Boss Floating Fountain with Lights is a beautiful water accent that aerates and decorates a large body of water. The fountain is an energy efficient product with quality constructed materials that provide maximum durability. There are three fountain heads (trumpet, single tier, 3-tier) included in the package to complete the look of your design. The dusk to dawn sensor automatically illuminates the 3 LED lights at night. The included mooring line allows for flexible placement in a large body of water. Itís a product that provides aeration, design, and energy efficiency all in one.

  • Aerates and decorates large ponds
  • 3 fountain heads included
  • 3 LED lights with dusk-to-dawn sensor
  • Mooring line included
Pond Boss Floating Fountain with Lights

Pond Boss Floating Fountain with Lights

  Icons SKU Ponds up to
1/4 acre
1/2 acre

Pond Boss Floating Fountain with Lights

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The pond boss® Fountain Nozzle Kit provides options for different decorative water displays in fountains and containers. Besides creating beautiful displays, nozzles allow you to control the direction of water flow and aerate the water by introducing oxygen to your water feature.

Pond Boss Nozzle Kit

Pond Boss Nozzle Kit

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This Pond Boss submersible pond pump is 30% more efficient than the average pumps and is perfect for small water features and fountains. This model also allows for variable flow control. This fully submersible pump is able to handle small debris and its epoxy encapsulated construction requires no mechanical parts, which means no harmful oil leakage making it safe for plants and fish. 

  • Fits most 3/4" ID tubing (not included)
  • Flow control adapter included
  • For freshwater use only
  • 16 ft power cord

Pond Boss Pond Pump

Pond Boss Pond Pump

  Icons SKU Max Flow Max Head Watts GPH @ 1' GPH @ 10' Cord Length
280 GPH
7.8 ft
16 ft.

    Pond Boss submersible fountain pumps are ideal for use with small fountains, decorative spitting ornaments, and water features. A built-in flow control allows you to customize the flowrate. Extremely durable and long-lasting, this pump is designed for fresh water use only and features suction cups for mounting. 

    • Built-in flow control
    • Suction cups for mounting
    • For freshwater use only
    Pond Boss Fountain Pumps

    Pond Boss Fountain Pumps

      Icons SKU Max Flow GPH @ 1' GPH @ 5' Fits Tubing Watts Cord Length
    150 GPH
    3/8", 1/2"
    6 ft.
    525 GPH
    1/2", 5/8", 3/4"
    16 ft.

    Pond Boss Waterfall Pumps are high performance submersible pond pumps with a sturdy asynchronous motor and vortex impeller that minimizes clogging. It is energy efficient with its use of premium water-cooled ceramic bearings and is epoxy encapsulated for pond waterfalls and water features. This superior pump offers whisper quiet operation, an easy to clean pre-filter, and easy maintenance allowing quick access to all moving parts. Its oil free design makes it safe for plants and fish.

    • Easy to clean pre-filter
    • Continuous duty operation
    • Oil-free, epoxy encapsulated

    Pond Boss Waterfall Pumps

    Pond Boss Waterfall Pumps

      Icons SKU Max Head Watts Max GPH GPH @ 5' GPH @ 15' Cord Length Tubing
    1" ID
    1" and 1-1/2" ID
    1-1/2" and 2" ID
    1-1/2" and 2" ID
    1-1/2" and 2" ID

    The Pond Boss 9 Watt UV Pond Clarifier is ideal for use in ponds up to 2,000 gallons. The Pond UV Clarifier provides water clarification by helping to clear the green out of the water and prevent nasty odors. Helps balance the pond and maintain clear water by using Ultraviolet technology to reduce the need for chemicals and to improve water quality. The energy efficient 9 watt bulb lasts up to 8,000 hours and should be changed every 12 months. 

    • Cleans the green out of water
    • For use with ponds up to 2,000 gallons
    • Max Flow: 800 GPH
    • Continuously improves water quality
    • Fits 1/2", 3/4", and 1" ID tubing (tubing not included)
    • 15 ft. cord length
    Pond Boss UV Pond Clarifier

    Pond Boss UV Pond Clarifier

      Icons SKU Ponds up to Max Flow UV Cord Length
    2,000 Gal
    800 GPH
    9 watt
    15 ft.

    Pond Boss UV Pond Clarifier

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