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Blue Thumb manufactures products to help you design, install, and maintain better water features like ponds, waterfalls, and fountains for both residential and commercial settings.

Blue Thumb
Blue Thumb Basins

Suitable for large or multiple fountains, this is our largest basin. Designed for a professional install, these basins feature removable top panels, which can be upgraded for greater strength.

Blue Thumb Complete Fountain Kits

This unique collection of faux stone and real stone fountain kits are a great way to introduce the sound of running water to your garden or backyard no matter the size. Our metal fountain kits have an eye-catching aqua patina that makes them appear they've been sitting around in your garden for years

Blue Thumb Fountain & Pond Pumps

Blue Thumb pumps are perfect for running a variety of applications from smaller decorative fountains to large waterfalls.

Blue Thumb Water Treatments

Blue Thumb Water Treatments offer economical solutions to maintain a clean and clear water feature.

Blue Thumb Koi Food

Blue Thumb Koi Food offers balanced & complete diets specifically formulated for all types of pond fish and for all seasons.

Blue Thumb Stainless Steel Formal Falls

Formal Falls have been designed to work with most every retaining wall manufacturer to add a sheer waterfall in any landscape. The use of the Optional Autofill kit virtually eliminates all maintenance for the consumer. Basin Kit Sold Separately.

Blue Thumb Elite Mechanical Skimmer

The toughest, strongest, easiest to Install on the market today! The first line of defense against floating debris for any pond is the Pond Skimmer. If reducing maintenance and protecting the life of your pond pump are important to you, then investing in a Pond Skimmer is key.

Blue Thumb Elite Complete Pond Kit

Everything you need to create a professional pond installation. With 5 sizes to choose from, we're sure to have a package that will fit appropriately within your landscape design.

Blue Thumb Elite Pump Canyon

The Elite Pump Canyon protects your pump with an octagonal design that eliminates distortion and withstands the pressure of being buried under rock.

Blue Thumb Waterfall Box

Great for new or existing ponds and watergardens! Biologically Filters & Aerates the Water making the Pond Safe for Fish while Keeping the Pond Water Clean & Clear!

Blue Thumb Elite Cascade Falls Box

Cascade Falls Boxes were created for Pond-Less applications instead of using a large bio-waterfall.

Blue Thumb Elite Spillway

A great way of starting waterfalls & streams, this unit is strong, has durable construction and is compact and easy to hide. The Internal baffles spread water evenly over your spillway. Excellent for pondless applications.

Blue Thumb Elite Cascading Falls Kit

Cascading Falls Kits provide everything you need to create that professional pond-less installation. Perfect for homeowners who want the sights and sounds of a waterfall without the maintenance of a pond.

Blue Thumb Automatic Water Fill Kit

Specifically designed for Blue Thumb Elite Skimmers and Pump Canyons, this durable auto fill kit conveniently keeps your water feature topped off, eliminating the need for you to add water.

Blue Thumb Bio-Twist Biological Filter Media

This bio-ribbon media is black, spiral-shaped, plastic media that is designed to filter your pond both biologically and mechanically.

Blue Thumb Formal Falls - Large Kit with Lights

The Basin Kit for Large Formal Falls was designed to create an easy way to install a pondless waterfall feature within a block wall structure indoors or outside with a maximum height of 24".

Blue Thumb Formal Falls Kits

Our beautiful Formal Falls infuses your landscape with the soothing sounds of rippling water over decorative stones, fostering a serene mood. The natural beauty and tranquility of cascading water attracts birds and helpful insects, creating a peaceful oasis.

All Blue Thumb

Blue Thumb manufactures products to help you design, install, and maintain better water features.

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