Dry Sludge Removers

Specially selected bacterial strains immediately begin breaking down sludge build-up. A 100%-natural product, safe for all pond fish, plants and wildlife. Pellets sink directly to the pond bottom and are the perfect choice for shorelines and natural ponds with overflows.

Dry Sludge Removers

Professional strength, concentrated beneficial bacteria. Especially formulated for rock and gravel bottom ponds!

Accelerates the removal of organic bottom solids that are slow to degrade. As organic solids accumulate on the pond bottom, they begin to breakdown releasing toxic gasses. These gaseous by-products are a danger to fish and other pond inhabitants. Aqua Meds Sludge Remover helps remove toxic fish waste, left over food and deadly gases that build up under the rocks and in the gravel of your koi pond. A big cause of pond water and fish health problems

  • 100% NATURAL Pond Bacteria
  • Also works very well in ponds without gravel bottoms
  • Removes algae causing phosphorus
  • Reduces pond water odors and yellowing, improves water quality and clarity
  • Safe for pets, filters, plants and wildlife
Aqua Meds Sludge Remover Application Rate
For the 1st application of the season, mix 2 oz. of sludge remover per 1,000 gallons in a bucket with several gallons of pond water.
Disperse mixture into areas of the pond with adequate circulation.
Reapply 1 oz. per 1,000 gallons every two weeks.
Turn off U.V. sterilizer for 48 hours after application.
Maintain sufficient aeration during treatment.
Discontinue use when water temperature drops below 50F
Aqua Meds Sludge Remover

Aqua Meds Sludge Remover

  SKU Size Treats (up to)
1 lb.
16,000 gal (2,000 gal for 4 months)
2 lbs
32,000 gal (3,000 gal for 5 months)
4 lbs
64,000 gal (6,000 gal for 5 months)
24 lbs

Stream and Pond Clean maintains a strong biological balance, providing clean, clear and healthy water conditions.Stream and Pond Clean contains pure strains of concentrated beneficial bacteria and enzymes. Ideal for breaking down debris in ponds, streams and waterfalls, this combination of natural cleaners helps to maintain a strong biological balance in your pond. Because ornamental water gardens are enclosed ecosystems, sometimes factors like fish load, uneaten fish food, organics such as leaves, sludge, unwanted debris or after-use of an algaecide or algae treatments may disrupt the pond's balance.

Aquascape Stream & Pond Clean S.A.B. Dosage
Mix product in a clean bucket used only for your pond. S.A.B. should be activated in the bucket with warm water(about 80F) and poured around the perimeter of the pond or stream. When mixed, the product should be added to the pond quickly to provide the best results.Pond water may become temporarily clouded depending on the pH of the pond.
One scoop treats up to 100 gallons of water.
When adding to the pond for the first time, or if water quality is poor, use a double dose weekly for the first 2 weeks. Continue adding 1 scoop per 100 gallons of pond water every 2 weeks throughout the season as a maintenance dosage and to maintain optimum water quality.
Do not add directly to the pond in granular form
Aquascape Stream and Pond Clean S.A.B.

Aquascape Stream and Pond Clean S.A.B.

  SKU Size Treats (up to)
4.4 Ounces
1,200 gallons
8.8 Ounces
2,400 gallons
1.1 lbs
4,920 gallons
7 lbs
31,240 gallons
9 lbs
45,000 gallons

Convenient, easy to dose dissolvable tabs make it simple for treating ponds, lakes and lagoons. They are easy to distribute over the pond surface. Randomly toss them over the surface and they sink to the bottom of the pond where they begin slowly releasing a combination of 9 strains of beneficial bacteria into the pond. Each tab contains 100% safe, natural ingredients. No harmful chemicals are used. UltraClear Muck digester Tabs are designed to be used in cold water as well as warm water. 

  • Eliminates organic sediment (muck) on pond bottom.
  • Reduces sludge build-up and murky water from organic decay.
  • Breaks down & eliminates animal waste.
  • Reduces undesirable odor from decay.
  • Can be used in cold weather or anytime of the year.
  • Safe for all fish & wild life using pond.

Dosage Rates are based on pond or lake volume. Standard dosage is every 4 weeks except for problem ponds. For problem ponds, dose every two weeks.

  • Large ponds & lakes: use 64 tabs per one surface acre every 4 weeks. Assumes an average depth of 4 feet. A four pound jar contains 64 tabs and will treat a one surface acre pond or lake for one application.
  • Medium size ponds: Use 16 tabs per quarter acre surface area every 2-4 weeks. Assumes average depth of 4 feet. A 2 pound jar will treat a half acre pond or lake for one application or a quarter acre pond for two applications.
  • Small decorative ponds: Use the convenient 6 tab jar for ponds under a thousand gallons.
UltraClear Muck Digester Tablets

UltraClear Muck Digester Tablets

  SKU Number of Tabs Treats (up to)
6,000 gal
approx. 151 Mini Tabs
50,000 gal
32,000 gal
64,000 gal
approx. 725 Mini Tabs
240,000 gal
128,000 gal
4 acres
8 acres

Specially selected bacterial strains in API Pond-Zyme Sludge Destroyer immediately begin breaking down fish waste and dead algae that cause cloudy water, sludge build-up, and debris that clogs pumps and filters. Through enzymatic action, Pond-Zyme Sludge Destroyer reduces pond maintenance and keeps pond water clean and clear. Pond-Zyme Sludge Destroyer is a 100% natural product, & safe for all pond fish, plants, and wildlife

API Pond Pond-Zyme Application Rates
Sprinkle the desired dose evenly around the perimeter of the pond
Initial Dose Add one scoop per 100 gallons twice per week for 2 weeks
Maintenance Dose Add one scoop per 200 gallons, every 2 weeks
End of Season Dose Add one scoop per 100 gallons twice per week for 2 week
API Pond Pond-Zyme Sludge Destroyer

API Pond Pond-Zyme Sludge Destroyer

  SKU Size Treats (up to)
8 Ounces
8,000 gallons
16 Ounces
16,000 gallons
Innovative water soluble pack dosing method. Easy to treat hard to reach areas - simply toss into the pond. Packs sink to the bottom of the pond and dissolve in seconds, quickly delivering the treatment to where it is needed most. Enhanced with active release oxygen technology to turbo boost sludge reduction
  • No binders or fillers like the competition
  • Ingredients are selected for functionality, not the binding effect
  • Bio-available carbon source added to promote bacteria formation
  • Even the soluble film breaks down into a bio-available carbon source
  • More immediate results than the competition
One Pack treats up 1,000 gallons
Aquascape Pond Sludge Remover Packs

Aquascape Pond Sludge Remover Packs

  SKU Size Treats (up to)
18 packs
18,000 gallons
36 packs
36,000 gallons
72 packs
72,000 gallons

Easy to throw ounce sludge eliminating tablets rapidly dissolve muck comprised of decomposing vegetation and fish waste. Plant and fish safe, perfect for wading and swimming areas. When regularly applied as directed to the shoreline, tablets can remove up to 5 inches of sludge per year.

Application Rates
Shoreline (area in sq.ft.)Every two weeksMonths of Treatment
1000 sq.ft.16 tablets6
2000 sq.ft.32 tablets3
3000 sq.ft.48 tablets2
4000 sq.ft.64 tablets1-1/2
Atlantic Typhoon Sludge Remover Tablets

Atlantic Typhoon Sludge Remover Tablets

  SKU Size Weight Dosage Treats
(192) - oz. Tablets
6 lbs
16 tablets per 1000 sq. ft.
1,000 sq. ft. for 6 months
(768) - oz. Tablets
24 lbs
64 tablets per 4000 sq. ft.
4,000 sq. ft. for 6 months

ReClaim tablets quickly go to work removing the build-up of dead algae, decomposing leaves, and fish waste that accumulate as sludge on the bottom of ponds and streams. Used regularly, ReClaim tablets will reduce the frequency of pond cleanouts and overall pond maintenance.

  • Tablets remove organic sludge from the bottom of ponds and streams
  • Especially useful in gravel bottom ponds
  • Apply tablets bi-weekly for best results
Application Rate: Apply 2 tablets for every 100 sq ft every 2 weeks. For ponds with heavy sludge buildup apply ReClaim at the prescribed rate once a week until desired results are achieved. 

For Best Results:  Apply ReClaim tablets at the prescribed rate directly to sludge buildup. Use supplemental aeration to enhance biological activity. Optimal Water Condition: pH: 6.5-8.5, Temperature: 50F or above.
Atlantic ReClaim Natural Sludge Remover Tablets

Atlantic ReClaim Natural Sludge Remover Tablets

  SKU Size Treats (up to)
24 - oz tablets
1,200 square feet
48 - oz tablets
2,400 square feet
72 - oz tablets
3,600 square feet

The Block by pond boss PRO is a blend of live bacteria and enzymes specifically designed to improve water quality by reducing unwanted nutrients. Decaying nutrients such as leaves, grass clipping, dead plants, excess food and other organic material build at the bottom of the pond in what is commonly called the "sludge" layer of the pond. The sludge layer is most often responsible for undesirable odors and low oxygen levels. Regular use of pond boss PRO The Block will degrade unwanted organic debris accumulation and improve the overall health of the pond while clearing the water column of unwanted organic material.

Pond Boss The Block Bio-Maintenance

Pond Boss The Block Bio-Maintenance

  SKU Treats (up to)
1 acre-foot of water (320,000 gallons)
5 acre-feet of water (1.6 million gallons)

Blended for the fall and winter treatment of ponds and lakes, the probiotic formulation of select beneficial bacteria ensures your pond has the required bacteria to maintain clean, healthy, balanced water and health fish during the colder months. UltraClear Autumn Prep provides continued biological activity to breakdown organic muck from decayed aquatic vegetation, autumn leaves, grass clippings, excess food and fish waste that has accumulated in the pond. It provides continued essential biological activity as water cools down and reduces spring clean-up. 

  • 100% biological (no chemicals)
  • Safe for fish, all aquatic life, wildlife & pets.
  • Breaks down organic muck debris accumulated from leaves, grass clippings, and decayed aquatic vegetation
  • Reduces waste from aquatic life & wild animals
  • Effective in water temperatures down to freezing

Dosage (medium to large ponds): Use 3 cups (8 oz) per 1/4 acre, or 1 cup per 3000 - 4000 sq ft surface area. Continue to repeat dosage every 2 weeks until pond surface freezes.

Dosage (small ponds): Begin using when water temperature falls below 55 degrees. Use 3 pellets per 100 gallons or 30 pellets per 1000 gallons. Treat weekly until surface freezes.

UltraClear Autumn Prep - Cold Water Bacteria Pellets

UltraClear Autumn Prep - Cold Water Bacteria Pellets

  SKU Treats (up to)
10,000 gallons
1.25 acre
2.5 acre

Excess sludge buildup can cause imbalances in the ponds ecosystem leading to several issues such as algae blooms, reduced water quality, reduced oxygen levels, odors, and aesthetics. The PURE Pond Sludge Bomb contains millions of natural enzymes and beneficial bacteria that rapidly break down and digest sludge and organic waste in your pond. PURE Pond Sludge Bomb also helps convert toxic ammonia and nitrite. Using PURE Pond Sludge Bomb regularly will help maintain a healthy pond environment and prevent excessive sludge build up.

One PURE Pond Sludge Bomb treats up to 5,380 gallons. Simply drop the PURE Pond Sludge Bomb directly into the water as and when necessary. The bacteria and enzymes will react to the biological issues with in your pond. You cannot overdose with the PURE Pond Sludge Bomb.

  • High concentration of bacteria and enzymes delivered in one gel-like ball
  • Breaks down and digests sludge and organic waste
  • Boosts clarity of water
  • Reduces algae growth
  • Works well with or without conventional filters

Evolution Aqua PURE Sludge Bomb

Evolution Aqua PURE Sludge Bomb

  SKU Treats (up to)
5,380 gallons

SuperNatural MuckRid tablets are manufactured from billions of natural bacteria and enzyme cultures that are specifically chosen for their abilities to eat organic material that collect at the pond bottom. MuckRid tablets can remove up to 7 inches of muck/sludge in any size of pond and are completely safe for aquatic animals, waterfowl and humans. Developed from over 40 years of application in large scale aquaculture hatcheries that contain hundreds of thousands of fish in one pond alone.

  • Rapidly Removes Muck, Sludge & Odor
  • Breaks Down Organic Material Including Leaves, Twigs & Fish Waste
  • Easy To Apply Tablet Application
  • Safe For All Aquatic & Domestic Life
  • 5 Tabs Treats Up To 1000 Gallons Per Week
SuperNatural MuckRid Muck Removing Tablets

SuperNatural MuckRid Muck Removing Tablets

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