Aqua Meds ECO pH+ fluid Aqua Meds ECO pH+ fluid pH is one of the basic parameters to check the acidity or alkalinity of water. Hold Function allows ability to freeze display for ease of reading. Beep Function allows signal the beginning and end of each function. One-Touch Calibration with a single
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Aqua Meds ECO pH+ fluid

Aqua Meds ECO pH+ fluid
Aqua Meds ECO pH+ fluid

If readings are in doubt, use to calibrate your AquaMeds ECO pH+ Tester.

Calibration Standards are an important part of the measuring system. Without which, the measuring meter is redundant. Each standard solution is made in soluble form, sealed and date coded to ensure the highest quality and accuracy when delivered.

  1. Dip the sensor into the solution until fully immersed.
  2. Press and hold down CAL button until CAL is blinking. 7.0 will be displayed in a blinking mode. When the display stops blinking and freezes, the unit has been standardized.
  3. Calibration completed. Rinse the sensor area thoroughly before proceeding with further tests.

Aqua Meds ECO pH+ fluid

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