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EasyPro Pump Pro-Tector

  • Protect against plugging by creating a large surface area around the pump.
  • Designed to fit all brands of small pumps.
  • Has a polyester filter media pad inside of a nylon mesh bag.
  • Drawstring top with push button release keep the top closed around the pump yet makes for easy pump removal.
EasyPro Pump Pro-Tector

EasyPro Pump Pro-Tector

  SKU Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Height Filter Pad Thickness Max Flow
1,250 GPH
2,550 GPH

Use to fill in cracks between rocks to prevent water from being"lost" over the waterfall

  • Patented trigger system allows for multiple uses.
  • Improves water flow visually and black color hides foam in the shadows of the rocks.
  • Trigger will dispense foam in any position.
  • Fish safe, non toxic formula.
  • Minimal expanding foam - fills in cracks with less trimming of excess foam.
EasyPro Black Waterfall Foam 20 oz.

EasyPro Black Waterfall Foam 20 oz.


These fountain nozzles are perfect for your custom designed fountain water feature. Durable construction.

  • Stainless Steel Foam Jet Nozzle
  • Great for fountains with fluctuating water level
  • Not water level dependent
  • Measures approx. 6-1/4" H x 2-4/8" W
Easy Pro Foam Jet Nozzle

Easy Pro Foam Jet Nozzle

EasyPro Boxed Premium Pond Cover Netting in bulk! 100′ long bulk netting allows you to simply pull out the length needed, cut it and go you have a cover net exactly the length you want. Perfect for large ponds, streams and waterfalls. Standard mesh is 3/4″ polyethylene woven netting.
  • Premium pond cover netting
  • Ideal for streams and large ponds
  • Keeps your pond clean and your fish safe from predators
  • Keeps leaves and other debris from falling into your pond
  • Strong 3/4" mesh netting will last for years
Easy Pro Boxed Premium Pond Cover Netting

Easy Pro Boxed Premium Pond Cover Netting

  SKU Dimensions
10' x 100'
20' x 100'
30' x 100'

Brass fill valves help replace water lost from evaporation or splash in ponds, waterfalls and other water feature applications. Heavy duty brass body and brass rods are far superior to normal plastic fill valves

  • Ideal for use in skimmers, vaults and the water fill boxes for maintaining water levels
  • Valve rod (arms) can be adjusted to fit your exact requirements
EasyPro Brass Fill Valves

EasyPro Brass Fill Valves

  Icons SKU Dimensions Max flow rate Max psi
8" overall length
16 GPM
35 psi
12-1/2" overall length
17.5 GPM
35 psi
17" overall length
64 GPM
35 psi
19-1/2" Overall Length
129 GPM
35 psi
Ideal for auto fills inside ponds, Just-A-Falls systems or formal pools!
  • A good way to mount a water fill valve in a pond without a skimmer
  • Provides an ideal housing in which to install an auto fill
  • Sits inside the liner and holds fill valves up to 13" long (Up to WFS50)
  • 1" overflow is included for exact water heights
Auto fill valve SOLD SEPARATELY WFS37
Easypro-Water Fill Box

Easypro-Water Fill Box

  Icons SKU Dimensions Weight
15" x 8" x 8"
4 lbs.

Easypro Bottom Drains

Easypro Bottom Drains

Easypro Bottom Drains

  Icons SKU

    This splitter is ideal for operating multiple pieces of statuary off a single pump

  • 1/2" and 3/4" stepped barb fittings on inlet and outlet
  • Individual flow control valve of each line
EasyPro Statuary splitter 3-way - 1/2" and 3/4" outlets

EasyPro Statuary splitter 3-way - 1/2" and 3/4" outlets


The Deluxe Pond Cover Tent offers complete pond and garden protection for leaves and unwanted pests! A simple two-person assembly can be completed and installed in just a few minutes. Strong 3/8″ nylon black mesh netting will last for years. Available in 8′ x 10′, 10′ x 14′ or 13′ x 17′ sizes. 

  • Protect your pond or garden from debris and wildlife
  • Strong 3/8″ UV resistant nylon black mesh netting will last for years!
  • Extra sturdy fiberglass poles
  • Built-in zipper allows for feeding fish or access to garden
  • Full 12″ wide band around bottom with adjustable tie down loops for anchor stakes (included)
  • Netting is securely held to frame with full length sleeves
  • Includes: Tent, fiberglass poles, stakes and storage bag

EasyPro Deluxe Pond Cover Tent

EasyPro Deluxe Pond Cover Tent

  Icons SKU Coverage Area
8' x 10'
10′ x 14′
13′ x 17′

Use these handy intake screens with any submersible pump when pumping water from a lake, pond, river or tank. These sturdy built screens will protect pump from sticks, weeds, fish and other large debris.

  • Available in two sizes - 12″D x 14″H or 20"D x 18″H
  • Heavy duty 1/2″ x 1″ epoxy coated, galvanized mesh screen
  • Drawstring top allows for easy pump removal/inspection, and will draw up tight to any 1-1/2″ - 4″ diameter pipe
  • Screens can be used vertically or horizontally
EasyPro Submersible Pump Screens

EasyPro Submersible Pump Screens

  SKU Dimensions
12″D x 14″H
20"D x 18″H

For high volume pumping applications these heavy duty pump intake screens are the answer! For most high volume pumps these filters are a much better choice as they will allow fine particles through so screens will not plug up as often yet will still keep out large objects such as sticks, fish and weeds.

  • Made from epoxy coated heavy gauge galvanized wire, will not rust or corrode
  • Mesh size is 1/2″ x 1″
  • Includes PVC swing check valve to keep pumps primed
EasyPro Centrifugal Pump Intake Filter

EasyPro Centrifugal Pump Intake Filter

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