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EasyPro Pump Vaults

Pump vaults provide secure, accessible protection for submersible pumps in pondless waterfall installations.

EasyPro Pump Vaults

EasyPro Pro-Series Pump Vaults are:

  • Built heavy duty to withstand the pressure of being buried under rock
  • The slots cut in the sides allow water into the pump
  • Intake tubes available for JAFM and JAFV to increase flow capacity
EasyPro Pro-Series Pump Vaults

EasyPro Pro-Series Pump Vaults

  SKU Description Size (L x W x H) Max Flow Weight
Small Pump Vault
16" x 16" x 22"
7500 GPH
17 lbs.
Large Pump Vault
24" x 24" x 32"
18000 GPH
54 lbs.

EasyPro Eco-Series Miniature Pump Vaults are:

  • Roto-molded for excellent strength
  • Can be used with JAFME extension
  • Ideal for mag drive pumps
  • Can be used in small Just-A-Falls or custom built fountain basins
EasyPro Eco-Series Mini Pump Vault

EasyPro Eco-Series Mini Pump Vault

  Icons SKU Description Size (DxH) Max Flow Weight
Mini Pump Vault
13" diameter x 14-1/2"
3000 GPH
7 lbs.
Ideal for auto fills inside ponds, Just-A-Falls systems or formal pools!
  • A good way to mount a water fill valve in a pond without a skimmer
  • Provides an ideal housing in which to install an auto fill
  • Sits inside the liner and holds fill valves up to 13" long (Up to WFS50)
  • 1" overflow is included for exact water heights
Auto fill valve SOLD SEPARATELY WFS37
EasyPro Water Fill Box

EasyPro Water Fill Box

  Icons SKU Dimensions Weight
15" x 8" x 8"
4 lbs.
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