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In-Pond Skimmers

With no liner cutting, these in-pond units set up in minutes. Skimmers can easily adjust to most pond depths.

In-Pond Skimmers

The SwimSkim surface skimmer will quickly and continuously remove leaves and other large debris that fall into your pond keeping it from settling to the bottom and decomposing.

Because it floats, the SwimSkim can adapt to any pond water level.

The SwimSkim includes an integrated aerator that is powered by an 580 gph pump. This adds oxygen to your pond, which promotes a healthy eco-system.

The SwimSkim is a stand alone unit. Simply place it in your pond, plug it in, sit back and relax.

  • Suitable for ponds to 270 sq. ft
  • Easy Cleaning.
  • Integrated aerator oxygenates your pond.
Oase SwimSkim Surface Skimmer

Oase SwimSkim Surface Skimmer

  Icons SKU Flow Rate Surface Area Cable Length Wattage Dimensions Strainer Basket Size
up to 800 gph
270 sq. ft.
15 ft.
13" x 12" x 10"
55 cu. in.

Oase SwimSkim Surface Skimmer

  Icons SKU

This in-pond skimmer sets up in minutes and will remove unsightly surface debris before it gets a chance to fall to the bottom of your pond and decompose. Once positioned to the height of the water line, the skimmer will automatically adjust to variances up to 4 3/4" in the depth of pond water. The large base allows for stones to ensure the unit stays in position on and emptying the debris basket takes a matter of seconds. Works well with AquaMax Eco Premium pond and Waterfall Pumps.

  • Debris Basket is quickly removed for easy maintenance.
  • Large base for stones to stabilize the unit.
  • Skimmer adjusts to the pond surface at water level differentials up to 6".
Oase AquaSkim Surface Skimmer

Oase AquaSkim Surface Skimmer

  Icons SKU Min./Max. Flowrate Rec. Pumps Pond Size Tubing Connector Strainer Basket Size Dimensions
1,600/4,200 gph
AquaMax Eco Premium 2000/3000/4000
400 sq. ft.
1" to 1-1/2"
85 cu. in.
14"D x 32"H
excludes media

The TetraPond In-Pond Skimmer removes debris from the water's surface and protects pumps from clogging. It is easy to install and clean, and easily attaches to TetraPond Water Garden Pumps 550, 1000, and 1900 GPH.

The Tetra In-Pond Skimmer features 4 corner pockets for filling with gravel to keep the skimmer from floating, convenient access lid for cleaning, debris collection basket, fiber pad that filters particles from water, weir door that adjusts to pond water level for maximum surface cleaning, and a plug for the opposite side. For use in pre-formed and flexible liner ponds.

  • For ponds up to 1000 gallons
  • Use with pumps 550 to 1900 gallons per hour
  • Protects pump from clogging
  • Internal basket with handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Removes debris from water surface
  • Includes 3ft of 1-1/4" Hose and adapters to connect to intake of pump
  • Easily attaches to pumps that have a threaded intake

Special Notes:

  • Pump does NOT fit into skimmer
  • Skimmer must be placed into pond
Tetra In-Pond Skimmer

Tetra In-Pond Skimmer

  Icons SKU Weir Size Rec. Pump Flow (gph) Dimensions Filtering Max Pond Size
Debris Basket, Fiber Pad
1,000 gallons

Tetra In-Pond Skimmer

  Icons SKU

Skimmers pull debris off the surface of the pond before it can sink to the bottom. The Oase ProfiSkim has a low profile body that is ideal for shallow water from 14 - 21 in depth. It includes an adapter that allows for use with pump-fed and gravity-fed systems. It has a large, easy-to-clean stainless steel basket with 8mm mesh. The ProfiSkim 100 has a DN 110 outlet that requires a 4 rubber coupling (not included), a minimum flow of 2,650 GPH and a maximum flow of 3,170 GPH with a gravity-fed and 5,300 GPH with a pump-fed.

  • Low profile body is ideal for shallow water from 14 - 21 in depth
  • Can clean up to 860 sq. ft. of surface area
  • Included adapter allows for use with pump-fed and gravity-fed systems
  • Large, easy-to-clean stainless steel basket with 8mm mesh
Oase Profiskim 100 In-Pond Skimmer

Oase Profiskim 100 In-Pond Skimmer

  SKU Dimensions Basket Volume Includes
30.75”L x 23”W x 13.75”H
73” / 3 gallons
2” x 4” (DN 110) adapter

The EasyPro ECO-Series Skimmers install inside the liner no silicone, no bolts, no tools! Perfect for already installed ponds. Strong, ribbed design holds shape perfectly and allows dirt to hold skimmer in place when backfilled. Each skimmer comes complete with molded debris basket, filter pad and lid.

  • Installs inside the liner eliminating any chance of leaks
  • Comes complete with debris basket, filter pad and lid
  • Strong, ribbed design holds shape when backfilled
EasyPro ECO-Series "In-Pond" Skimmers

EasyPro ECO-Series "In-Pond" Skimmers

  Icons SKU Max Flow Rate Weir Dimensions
1,800 GPH
18"L x 15"W x 13"H
4, 800 GPH
21"W x 22"L x 21"H
8,100 GPH
21"W x 22"L x 27"H

EasyPro ECO-Series "In-Pond" Skimmers

  Icons SKU
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