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Kasco 5.3A 5HP Surface Aerator 240V 3 Phase

High performance surface aerators dramatically push high volumes of water into the air. This process increases the overall health of your water and keeps it thoroughly mixed. This introduction of oxygen and water movement breaks up stratification, eliminates odor, discourages algae growth and promotes a healthy aquatic environment. These self-contained units deliver up to 3 lbs of O2 per HP per hour of operation, making Kasco surface aerators the most dependable and efficient units on the mark

  • Efficient design ensures low power consumption and low total cost of ownership
  • Built with long lasting internal components
  • Salt water compatible stainless steel components allow reliable performance in harsh environments
  • Easily maintain by cleaning motor housing when dirty and replacing anode when visibly corroded

These fountains will be shipped directly from the manufacturer

Kasco 5.3A 5HP Surface Aerator 240V 3 Phase

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