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Laguna Optima Aeration Kit

Laguna Aeration Kit includes everything you need to enhance the quality of pond water during the cold winter months as well as the hot summer season. In winter, it creates an opening at the pond surface and prevents pond surfaces from completely freezing. This allows the release of toxic gases and the replenishment of fresh oxygen that is critical for the survival of fish. In the summer, it provides supplemental aeration which improves the quality of pond water and its inhabitants.


  • Air Pump (Not Submersible)
  • 30 ft of winter safe airline tubing
  • Air diffuser
  • High-density styrofoam float for adjusting air stone depth
  • Best for ponds under 1,000 gallons
  • Wattage: 4.5
  • Product Dimensions: 8 L x 9 W x 5.3 H
Laguna Optima Aeration Kit

Laguna Optima Aeration Kit

  Icons SKU Airline Diffuser
30 ft.
1 airstone & styrofoam float
Laguna Aeration Kits Replacement Parts
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These kits include everything you need to properly oxygenate your pond for a clean and clear healthy ecosystem. They will include pump, tubing, and diffuser(s).

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