Laguna Filters and Skimmers Laguna Filters and Skimmers The Laguna Skimmer is a heavy-duty surface skimmer and filter that provides essential filtration to ponds. The Laguna Skimmer has a lift out skimmer net for fast and easy maintenance. The large media/pump chamber allows for custom configurations whil
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Laguna Filters and Skimmers

Laguna Pressure-Flo High Performance Pressure Filters

The new and improved Laguna Pressure-Flo pressurized pond filter eliminates green water and kills algae. The Laguna Pressure Flo provides mechanical filtration coupled with a powerful UVC sterilizer to produce a clear, clean and healthy pond environment for ponds. Includes universal Click-Fit Fast couplings for 3/4", 1" and 1 1/4" hosing connections.

Pressure-Flo Features:
  • Cleaning indicator takes the guess work out of maintenance
  • Patented Filter backwash system enables routine cleaning in seconds
  • Mechanical, Biological, and integrated UV filtration work in unison proving clean and clear pond water
  • Easy to Install & Maintain
  • 16ft. power cord

Laguna Pressure-Flo High Performance Pressure Filters

Item Icons Max Pond w/ Low Fish Load in Shade Max Pond w/ High Fish Load in Shade Rec. Pump UV Light Dimensions (DxH)
2000 Gal
1000 Gal
Max-Flo 960
13 Watt
3000 Gal
1500 Gal
Max-Flo 2000
24 Watt
4000 Gal
2000 Gal
Max-Flo 2400
36 Watt
Laguna Pressure-Flo High Performance Pressure Filters Replacement Parts
Laguna PowerClear Multi Pump, Filter & UV System

The Laguna PowerClear Multi all-in-one filter provides industry leading filtration, water circulation and UVC sterilization. With its advanced filtration process, each PowerClear Multi model comes with durable filtration foams to catch dirt and debris, a revolutionary 'bio-brick' to house beneficial bacteria and remove ammonia, and a powerful UV. These filters are simple to install and easy to maintain.

Key Benefits:

  • Biological filtration achieved through revolutionary Bio-Brick media. This biological media is made of light expanded clay aggregate, an all natural kiln fired clay based material with thousands of small air filled cavities perfect for beneficial bacteria.
  • Mechanical filtration provided by durable foam pads. This rigid, foam pad provides a greater surface area due to the convoluted or “egg crate” design, requiring less cleaning and maintenance.
  • UV sterilization and clarification provided by the integrated 13 Watt UVC chamber.
  • Two fountain heads, Water Bell and Multi Tier
  • High performance magnetic driven pump
  • Specially designed Anti-Clog leaf guard housing
  • Weight balanced design provided maximum stability, adjustable fountain heads
  • Compact UV chamber will eliminate green water

Laguna PowerClear Multi Pump, Filter & UV System

Item Max Pond Size w/ fish Max Flow Rate w/o fish Max Flo Rate Pump Watts Max. Head Height UVC Watts Filter Foam/Bio-Bricks
500 gal
1000 gal
580 GPH
18 W
6 ft
13 W
1 / 1
750 gal
1500 gal
740 GPH
32 W
8 ft
13 W
2 / 2
Laguna Powerfalls Filter Spillway

The Laguna Powerfalls Filter Spillway is an easy and affordable option for adding a waterfall to your small to medium sized pond. For ponds up 1000 gallons, it can be installed in or above ground and is easy to use and maintain. As water flows through the Filter Spillway, it passes through filter foam, providing mechanical and biological filtration.

  • Solid, professional grade fiberglass construction
  • Can be installed in or above ground
  • Faceplate allows for easy liner attachment
  • 1 1/2" threaded bulkhead fitting

Mechanical/Biological Filter Pad for this spillway

Laguna Powerfalls Filter Spillway

Item Icons Max Pump Rate Weir Size Dimensions (LxWxH)
1,000 GPH
14 1/2"
22" x 15" x 16¼"
Laguna PowerFlo Filter Bulkhead Plug
The PowerFlo Filter Bulkhead Plug is suitable for:
  • Laguna PowerFlo Filter Falls 5000 (PT1770).

Laguna PowerFlo Filter Bulkhead Plug

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