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Savio Lake Aeration Systems

Savio Lake Aeration Systems
Savio Lake Aeration Systems

Bottom aeration plays an important role in creating a healthy pond with clean and clear water. This low pressure, high-volume process infuses pond water with oxygen while providing constant water movement to prevent the buildup of algae and muck, reduces mosquitos, and creates a healthy habitat for fish and plant life. It also helps break up thermocline that can develop over time in a static pond. 

  • Increases oxygen levels making it easier for fish to thrive in the hot summers
  • Promotes growth of algae controlling beneficial bacteria
  • Lowers levels of dissolved toxic gasses and ammonia
  • Reduces sludge build up on the pond bottom
  • Keeps the water moving and prevents thermal stratification


Air Compressor: The air compressor is the primary piece of the aeration system, it is the pump that produces the compressed air that is delivered to the bottom of the pond. Compressors should be housed in a compressor cabinet near a power source.

Weighted Tubing: Weighted tubing carries the air produced by the compressor down to the diffuser(s) at the bottom of the pond. The weight of the tubing keeps it at the bottom of the lake.

Diffuser(s): Depending on the size of the pond you can have one to multiple diffusers throughout the pond. Diffusers receive the air from the compressor and “diffuse” it into tiny bubbles that aerate the entire water column from the bottom to the surface. 

Air Compressor Enclosure (optional): Air compressor enclosures conceal and protect you air compressor. If air compressors get wet or too hot, they will quit working. Compressor cabinets not only protect your pump from the elements, they also contain an air manifold, cooling fan and connecting airlines.

Savio Lake Aeration Systems

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Savio Lake Aeration Systems

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