Waterfall Foam & Adhesives

Use expandable black waterfall foam to stabilize stones and fill voids to redirect water flow. Use applicator guns for easy installation. Silicones and PVC cement are also available.

Waterfall Foam & Adhesives

Use to fill in cracks between rocks to prevent water from being"lost" over the waterfall

  • Patented trigger system allows for multiple uses.
  • Improves water flow visually and black color hides foam in the shadows of the rocks.
  • Trigger will dispense foam in any position.
  • Fish safe, non toxic formula.
  • Minimal expanding foam - fills in cracks with less trimming of excess foam.
EasyPro Black Waterfall Foam 20 oz.

EasyPro Black Waterfall Foam 20 oz.


Use Handi-Foam Sealants to simplify waterfall construction. Spray under and around stones in your waterfall/stream to create a water resistant barrier. Once dry, water flow is redirected over the installed stones for more dramatic waterfalls.

Handi-FoamŪ Sealants are designed to seal and fill small cracks, gaps and voids. Handi-Foam sealants can be applied with a straw applicator, a professional dispensing unit or a professional hose kit (for use with cylinders). Handi-Foam Sealants are available in a variety of sizes to meet many application needs. This results in less waste on small jobs while having an economic impact on large jobs.

Handi-Foam Sealants cure when ambient moisture/humidity in the air reacts with the foam sealant creating a rigid, closed cell barrier against drafts, noise, moisture and air infiltration. Handi-Foam Sealants are tack free within 10 minutes and meet ASTM E84 Class 1 for caulk and sealants. Handi-Foam Sealants are the perfect chioice for your sealing needs, and are available in Fireblock, black and standard formulations.

  • Faster and easier than mortar
  • Expands to fill gaps and voids
  • Nozzle adapter and/or applicator gun reaches into tight spaces
  • Fish-safe when cured
  • Dries tack-free in approx. 10 minutes, cures in 24 hours
Fomo Handi-Foam Polyurethane Foam Sealant

Fomo Handi-Foam Polyurethane Foam Sealant

  SKU Size Applicator Gun
12 Ounces
24 Ounces

FallsFoam, an expandable black waterfall foam available in 12 oz. and 29 oz. cans, stabilizes stones and fills voids. 

Atlantic Water Gardens FallsFoam Waterfall Foam

Atlantic Water Gardens FallsFoam Waterfall Foam


Professional dispensing units for polyurethane foam sealants and adhesives.

  • Adjustable bead control
  • Durable construction
  • Solvent resistant
Fomo Handi-Tool Dispensing Tool

Fomo Handi-Tool Dispensing Tool


Multipurpose Handi-Cleaner is a spray solvent used to dissolve uncured foam. Handi-Cleaner can also be attached to any of Fomo's sealant dispensing units, allowing the unit to be flushed and kept clean and operable. Handi-Cleaner may also be used for other industrial cleaning purposes.

Fomo Handi-Cleaner

Fomo Handi-Cleaner

  SKU Size
12 Ounces
Atlantic's This black silicone sealant/adhesive is useful in attaching a skimmer face plate to the skimmer and in plumbing applications. Excellent weather resistance, does not crack, shrink or chalk. Well suited for non-porous materials like glass, metals, and some plastic with a +/-25% movement capability.
    Several advantages including:
  • High Quality Weather Resistant Adhesive.
  • Durable does not crack, shrink or chalk.
  • Well suited for non-porous materials.
Atlantic Black Silicone

Atlantic Black Silicone

  • Easy & Effective make your pipe connections water tight
  • 1/2" wide
  • 520' roll
Valterra Teflon Tape

Valterra Teflon Tape


Savio Black Foam is a convenient black colored foam that bonds to most construction materials. This formulation is closed cell and won't age, harden or shrink. It is perfect for filling and sealing holes and voids for outside applications.

Expands to Fill joints

  • Easy Application - Simple shake, point, squeeze and fill
  • Multi Purpose - Use for a variety of applications
  • Durable - Resists water & weather
Savio Black Waterfall Sealant Spray Foam

Savio Black Waterfall Sealant Spray Foam

  SKU Size
16 oz

Christy's Red Hot Blue Glue PVC Cement is the original all-weather, wet or dry PVC cement. It is combination glue and primer for flexible PVC. For potable water, pressure, non-pressure, gas, conduit, drain, duct, DWV, irrigation, sewer and flexible PVC.

  • Contractor preferred, premium formulation
  • Medium body, very fast set
  • All classes and Schedules thru 6″ diameter interference fit (Schedule 80 through 4″)
  • Can be used without primer if local codes permit for non-pressure systems up to 6″ and pressure systems below 4″
  • Blue in color
Christy's Red Hot Blue Glue PVC Cement - Low VOC

Christy's Red Hot Blue Glue PVC Cement - Low VOC

  SKU Size
4 Ounces
8 Ounces
16 Ounces
32 Ounces
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