Kasco Robust-Aire Aeration System


Robust-Aire systems are quiet, move the most water, and provide great aeration benefits for applications 8 ft. or deeper. By pumping compressed air from a shore-mounted compressor, air is pushed through self-weighted lines to a diffuser on the pond, lake or tank bottom. The diffuser then continuously releases micro-bubbles that rise to the surface carrying large volumes of water. This induces oxygen-transfer as well as beneficial water movement and mixing. Kasco’s Robust-Aire has been independently tested to be up to 44% more efficient than any other system, meaning you can use less energy, spend less money, and get better results.

  • Packages include diffuser assembly, compressor, and compressor mounting option
  • The stainless steel diffuser assembly includes built-in strain relief and lands right side up every time
  • Large air filters allow for less frequent maintenance
  • Visual maintenance indicators quickly alerts when air filters need attention
  • Eliminates thermal and chemical stratification 
  • No electricity in the water 
  • Creates open water to prevent ice damage to docks and boats 

Multiple Mounting Options: Base Mount Cabinet, Post Mount Cabinet, or No Cabinet

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Post Mount Packages
Part Number Number of Diffusers Voltage Phase Compressor Rolls of 3/8 in. Tubing (each roll is 100 ft.)
RA1-PM 1 120 1 (1) 1/4HP 1
RAH1-PM 1 208-240 1 (1) 1/4HP 1
RA2-PM 2 120 1 (1) 1/4HP 2
RAH2-PM 2 208-240 1 (1) 1/4HP 2
RA3-PM 3 120 1 (1) 1/2HP 3
RAH3-PM 3 208-240 1 (1) 1/2HP 3
Base Mount Packages
No Cabinet Packages

Kasco Robust-Aire Diffused Aeration Overview

Kasco Robust-Aire Diffused Aeration

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Kasco Robust-Aire Aeration System
Kasco Robust-Aire Aeration System
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